Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. But no, not at all. BDU’s President Dr. Alfred Smith is a leader in the field of multicultural resources having completed his dissertation on how to build multicultural churches. He has spoken at conferences and has authored a researched book on creating multicultural environments available on Amazon:

Actually, there is a dad university for "all" dads. Many groups focus their coaching on a particular niche (moms of preschoolers, parents of teens, seniors, vegans, etc.). Niche groups have unique needs and challenges that, if met, benefit not only that group, but the society as a whole. Black dads also have unique needs and responsibilities given our current environment. BDU seeks to meet those needs and challenges of Black dads for the betterment of our society as a whole.

Yes and oh yes! Black Dad University is an incorporated tax exempt (501c3) corporation filed with the IRS. We will gladly provide copies of our paperwork proof just email and ask!

Many of our supporters are not Black dads. Becoming a supporter through Patreon gives anyone who believes in the benefit of BDU an opportunity to partner with building not only Black dads and Black lives, but our society as a whole.


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