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Uniquely Tailored to Black Dads!

Black children face unique challenges in our society, that must be met with solutions tailored especially for them. BDU focuses on strength-based parenting, which is geared to help the Black family discover and develop strengths, repair or strengthen self-image, and begin a legacy of generational wealth both financially and emotionally.

Earl G., Public School Teacher, Greensboro, NC

My experience with Dr. Smith has been beneficial in both my parenting style and my relationship with my spouse. He gave me tools to better understand and appreciate my kids uniqueness so I could parent them in accordance to who they really are.


O. James, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, San Mateo CA

Dr. Smith lives on the cutting edge of human devlopment and passion for progress. Our relationship has impacted not only my family but my business, and most importantly,  myself. I can truly say that Dr. Smith was born to coach.

Want VIP One-on-One Coaching? Let's Go!

We Focus Strength-Based Parenting to Build Strong, Confident, Successful Children

  • A curated twelve-month program for which a certificate is issued when you graduate
  • Broken into four easy quarters focusing on the four major aspects of a Black Dad
  • Dripped to your email in weekly bite-sized resources 

The topics represent the most pressing needs and best practices for Black dads, such as:

  • Honoring the uniqueness of your child
  • Discipline vs. punishment (how discipline can actually draw your child closer to you!)
  • Handling your emotions (anger, frustrations, etc.)
  • Setting a financial plan (budget and investing)
  • Many more.

Finally, at the end of the twelve months, imagine this...

  • YOU have basically transformed as a dad (and feel great about yourself to boot!)

  • YOUR FAMILY is benefitting from your awesome new dad skills,
  • I am so very proud of you, and
  • WE ALL celebrate you like crazy for graduating!
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Meet Dr. Alfred Smith

Dr. Smith has an earned Ph.D. in leadership, BA in counseling, numerous certifications in DISC human behavior and emotional intelligence, and 30 years of experience working with dads helping them to solve a wide range of problems and challenges. 


His greatest joy is to watch you inflate like a balloon when you are filled with information and perspective that shows you who you really are, dispel negative or incorrect information, and help you begin transformation towards the awesome dad and leader that lies within you…

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"You are never strong enough that you don't need help" - Cesar Chavez


Bring your biggest challenge or question and schedule a free coaching call with Dr. Smith. Ask any questions, get some quick tips or see if BDU is a fit. If not, you will at least get a good dose of positivity!


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